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Kim Kardashian On The Last Season Of KUWTK And The Upcoming Hulu Show To Record Her $2.1 Billion Divorce From Kanye West.

The 40 years old, Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, who filed for divorce on Friday after her seven-year marriage, has been filmed for the final season of the E! Show, with on-camera marital woes being captured.

Reportedly, Kim Kardashian West will be recording her $2.1 billion divorce on TV from Kanye West.

The Sunday Mirror newspaper was told by a source that Kim’s break would be documented in the final E! Series which is likely to be a subject of their new show’s debate.

While Kim was previously stated to be “sad but relieved,” after filing for divorce, an insider said she felt “confident in her decision.”

Kim is still sad, but she remains secure in her divorce decision, and she knows what’s right for her family and herself. She still had the impression that she had been divorced for months now. It was a long time coming and she feels happy to be able to move on at last.’

What’s the reason behind the divorce ?

“The turning point in Kim and Kanye’s marriage was when he said that slavery was a choice.” a source told US Weekly.

“They went through a really rough patch in the aftermath of that. Kim was completely mortified by Kanye’s ridiculous and outrageous comments,” the source said, saying it took a while for them to get past it, but finally they were able to.

Though all their fans have been shattered by this report, we have been given an explanation behind Kim’s drastic action as a source next to her said, “Kim and Kanye met lawyers. Kim believed like she did everything she could to do with marriage and Kanye failed to get the assistance she called for. She and Kris, too, tried to get him to take help and gave her best support, and he started denying it.”

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