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Selena Gomez Brushes Off Online Frenzy Over THOSE Snaps Of Her Cuddling Up To Ex-Justin Bieber’s Wife Hailey At The Gala

Selena and Hailey

The online uproar over photos of Selena Gomez snuggling up to Hailey Bieber at the Academy Museum gala last month has prompted her to comment. Since Hailey is married to Selena’s ex Justin Bieber, some Selena fans have been harassing her nonstop in recent years.

Why Hailey and Selena are in Buzz?

A of Selena & Hailey at the event was taken by photographer Tyrell Hampton, who then posted & captioned it “plot twist” on the social media platform.

In the same interview, Hailey vehemently rebuffed that Justin had deceived Selena with her. She had previously stated on the Call Her Daddy podcast that she and Selena had an “all respect” relationship.

Whatever their respective admirers may think, the two women showed in their pic taken last month that they are friends. Selena now claims that the pictures were “not a huge issue” and that “it’s not even a thing” in a new interview with Vulture.

Justin and Selena’s past


Teenage sweethearts Selena and Justin Bieber split up in 2018, months before he wed Hailey in a religious ceremony.

Selena allegedly had a breakdown related to her lupus a month after Justin wed Hailey and sought mental health care. A day after reports of Selena’s purported breakdown surfaced, Justin was seen sitting beside Hailey in his car, appearing distraught.

During her relationship with Justin, to whom she is married now, Hailey has faced criticism from ardent Selena fans.

People yelled “Selena!” as Justin and Hailey entered the Americana-themed Met Gala in September 2021.

Justin- Hailey’s relationship


They are among the happiest and most in love couples I’ve ever had the opportunity to be around, according to Hailey’s cousin Ireland, who said on social media that the couple seemed unaffected by the Selena fans’ jeers. They are unimportant to them.

Justin previously posted a social media post from a Selena supporter who urged people to bombard Hailey’s broadcast with comments claiming that “Jelena was better.”

When I watch individuals like these try to organize others to bully the person I love the most, it is very difficult for me to take the high road, Justin added.

Hailey grew so frustrated that she made a TikTok video in April requesting the trolls to leave her alone, as they used to comment every time she posted something.

She continued, perhaps alluding to how long it had been since Justin and Selena broke up, saying, “Enough time has passed where it’s okay to leave me alone.” Truly, I beg of you.