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How Do I Keep My Teeth White Post Teeth Whitening?

Everyone wants to keep the colour of their teeth sparking white after successful teeth-whitening treatment. For this, all you need to do is appropriately implement the advice. Be careful to keep track of the first 48 hours following their therapy, as it is essential.  Because the colour of the teeth will inevitably change over time, proper upkeep is necessary. Everyone’s teeth change colour over time. Instead, regular routines, food, and drink will cause them to darken and turn yellow. So, here are some tactics to maintain the whiteness of teeth after getting professional whitening treatment.

Maintain proper oral hygiene post teeth whitening treatment:

Oral hygiene is essential, but after you get professional teeth whitening, it becomes even more crucial to make that pearly white smile last long. You must brush your teeth twice and floss them regularly to prevent plaque build-up. Using mouthwash is also essential to keep away germs. Also, using whitening toothpaste once or twice every week will be quite helpful in maintaining white teeth.

Avoid Foods and drinks that discolour teeth:
It would be best to be more careful about what you eat, especially for the initial two days post treatment, because certain foods discolour your teeth. It would be best to avoid drinks like tea, coffee, chocolate drinks, and certain fruit juices. Avoid soy sauce, red pasta sauce, and citrus fruits. You can eat white meat, vegetables, and non-acidic fruits and drink colourless drinks. If you cannot avoid drinking some drinks, you can use straws.
Quit Smoking
Smoking will not keep your teeth white. Smoking may seriously discolour your teeth. The behaviour is not suitable for your teeth’s whiteness or general health. Speak to your doctor about ways to make it easier to stop smoking, such as better alternatives, if you’re having trouble doing so or are unable to.
It would be best if you also thought about touch-up whitening sessions with your dentists in addition to these after-whitening dental care. The professionals may determine the frequency of touch-ups, which are far less intense than the initial teeth whitening.