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Addison Rae, tells Hailey Bieber she wants to be MARRIED by 2022

Addison Rae the TikTok star just announced that she plans to marry soon. While speaking with Hailey Bieber on an episode of her YouTube series Who’s In My Bathroom? the 20-year-old discussed her acting career, love, and marriage.

Rae stunned her buddy when she revealed that she had huge plans for her future love life and that she was open to more than just dating in the months ahead.

‘I do love. I’m a hopeless romantic, so I hopefully will be married, yeah…Hopefully, I’ll be married like next year,’ She said.

“Me and Bryce for example, so many people’s eyes were on us out of nowhere,” she said. “It was hard to like adjust to the thought of people being interested in it that or like seeing it and reacting to that…people being concerned with about your relationship stuff. So, I think the lesson I learned from it is to keep your circle small and keep your fights private, keep intimate things private, and respect each other.”

TikTok celebrity Bryce Hall, was recently connected to the her

The former pair met in 2019 and became romantically attached soon after, even though both denied they were dating at the time.

Addison did confess that she still checks some of Braddison’s social media pages. “I was just curious if there are any updates on me, and my life,” she explained.

Rae gained popularity as a result of her Tik Tok videos. She’s used her success to pursue other career goals, such as launching Item Beauty, a clean beauty brand. She created a popular YouTube channel and began co-hosting Mama Knows Best, a podcast with her mother. She’s also best friends with Kourtney Kardashian, the reality TV star.

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