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Post-Megxit Application Dismissed By Queen With An Aggressive “Two Second” Blow Prince Harry Embarrassed.

QUEEN ELIZABETH  took seconds to determine that at the Remembrance Day service she did not want to encourage Prince Harry to lay a wreath, an insider has reported.

It was stated at the time that Harry’s proposal had been turned down by palace officials without informing the Queen.

On the Los Angeles National Cemetery, Harry and Meghan Markle laid a wreath and left flowers to two commonwealth soldiers’ graves.

A source said: “The Queen is very firmly of the opinion that you can’t pick and choose what you do when it comes to the institution. Either you are in – or you are out.

The pair had decided to release the photos in what was seen as a flagrant marketing stunt after Harry was denied permission for the Cenotaph wreath to be laid on his behalf.

Harry had demanded that the wreath be laid in his honour at the London Memorial who spent 10 years in the army.

Another source argued that, while the Queen honours the military successes of Prince Harry, the decision not to put a wreath on his behalf represented his rank as a non-operating royal.

They added: ‘The queen clearly insists that, if you are in or you are out of the institution, you can’t pick what you are doing.’

In the decision to deny his wish, The Times reported that the duke was deeply unhappy because he had strong relations with the military.

Prince Charles tried to keep family ties civil, refusing to even address the issue. Pictured: On Remembrance Sunday, Prince Charles and Prince William at the Cenotaph
William was also profoundly hurt by comments from the Sussex camp that he had cold-shouldered Meghan, and particularly his son,
Despite much media speculation, there are categorically no attempts to rid Harry and Meghan of their names. The Duke and Duchess of Windsor held theirs until the day they died, following the abdication of Edward VIII.

Once at the Cenotaph 11 years back, he was a soldier for more than ten years, and even promoted the soldiers, like the Invictus Games.

He said he was robbed to wear his poppy “to celebrate the courage of all our veterans… the people I remember when I lay the Cenotaph wreath.”

The choice of Harry to pay tribute to a cemetery at Los Angeles was blamed for having been accused of a sPiers Morgan TV host tweeted: “Excellent. Treat Sunday to nostalgia as an occasion for PR and threaten to rob the true royals of their homework.”tunt in public relations.