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Himachal Pradesh’s Bird Flu Warning After Migratory Bird Deaths, The Epidemic Also Reports In Other Areas

Around 1,800 migratory birds have been found dead in Pong Dam Lake Sanctuary in Himachal Pradesh, most of them are headed-bar-headed geese.

After Rajasthan, Kerala, and Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh has become the fourth state to record cases of bird flu, with officials reporting that bird migration, found dead, has tested positive in the fear of avian flu in Pong Dam Lagoon in the Kangra district. Around 1,800 migratory birds have been found dead in Pong Dam Lake Sanctuary in Himachal Pradesh, most of them are headed-bar-headed geese.

More than 170 new birds were fatally recorded in Rajasthan on Monday in some regions, raising the total death to more than 425 in recent days.

Also in some areas in Kerala, the influenza epidemic was confirmed. Authorities in Kottayam and Alappuzha districts ordered the culling of ducks, hens and others domestic birds within a kilometre. The officials stated the need to knock down some 40,000 birds to monitor the spread of H5N8.

Recently, a farm in Kerala’s Kottayam has seen over 1,500 bird gland deaths.

Most birds were bar-headed geese, according to records. Reports.

The Kangra district magistrate issued an order on Monday evening that the sales or culling of poultry be prohibited in the notification zone and ordered closure of shops selling poultry or fish. It was also forbidden to move visitors or local people within 1 kilometre of Lake Pong Dam. The directive also stopped livestock from grazing for precautionary reasons, within 1 km of the lake radius.

Rajasthan’s Bird Flu

Officials in the state said on Monday (January 4, 2021) that more than 170 new bird deaths have been recorded in Rajasthan today. According to the Department of Animal Husbandry, more than 425 deaths of crows, herons and other birds have been recorded in the state so far, PTI reported.

In Jhalawar the officials said that carcass samples have been recently confirmed by bird flu at the National Institute of High-Security Animal Diseases. Yet birds in other districts have not yet issued a death report. “So far in parts of the State, deaths of 425 birds, most of them crows, have been recorded. Only in Jhalawar was bird flu confirmed. The officials cited the officials as saying that the data on other deaths has yet to arrive.

An officer with the Animal Husbandry Department, Tamil Nadu, said to the Hindu that from Tuesday morning onwards the Kerala department had begun inspecting vehicles into Coimbatore District. “Tamil Nadu shall not be permitted to enter vehicles carrying poultry and related products. Sanitation will be given for other commercial vehicles until the State will join,” the official said..

In the district of Tiruppur, a check-in was commenced at Chinnar near Udumalpet on Tuesday in the Department of Animal Husbandry. A senior official said four departmental workers would be involved during the round-the-clock check for each move. According to the official, there were no recent entries of poultry coming from Kerala into Tiruppur district. Poultry transport vehicles will not be approved until additional State government directives are released, he said.