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PM Modi addresses the nation on the COVID-19 situation

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the country amidst the havoc of Corona. During this, PM Modi said that the country is fighting a big battle against Corona again today. A few weeks ago, the conditions had stabilized and then it became the second wave of Corona. I feel the pain you are suffering, the pain you are suffering.

In the midst of the devastation caused by Corona, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the country. During this time, PM Modi said that the country is currently engaged in a major battle with Corona. The conditions had improved a few weeks earlier, and then it became the second wave of Corona. I understand the anguish you’re going through, the anguish you’re going through.

PM Modi said that this time the demand for oxygen has risen in many parts of the world in the Corona crisis. This is a topic that is being worked on quickly and sensitively. Everyone, including the federal government, state governments, and the private sector, is working hard to provide oxygen to everyone who needs it.

PM Modi said that efforts are being made at various levels to boost oxygen output and supply. New oxygen plants should be built in the states, one lakh new cylinders should be supplied, oxygen from industrial units should be used for medical purposes, and an oxygen rail should be built.

PM Modi said that all of us are working hard not only to save lives but also to ensure that economic activities and livelihoods are not harmed. By opening the vaccination to people over the age of 18 years, the vaccine available in our workforce in the cities will become increasingly available.

“The decisions taken over the last few days will help in improving the situation,” he says.

As soon as the cases surged, pharma companies increased the production of medicines. Our drug production has increased and it will be increased further. I spoke to pharma companies yesterday and they are all committed. We are blessed to have such a big pharma sector: PM Mod

During the last wave, we had started developing vaccines. Today India has the cheapest vaccines in the world. We also have the cold chain network to distribute the vaccines. We have fast-tracked vaccine trials and approvals. India has two made-in-India vaccines due to our team effort. We are now vaccinating the world. We were the fastest to administer 10cr, 11cr, and 12 cr doses: PM Modi

“We took a big decision as far as vaccination is concerned…from May 1 people above the age of 18 will be able to get vaccinated,” he says.

I urge the States to consider lockdowns only as the last option and focus creating on micro containment zones: PM Modi

I call upon the youth of India to form small committees and help in Covid administration in their areas. If that happens, the govt will not have to put containment zones or lockdowns: PM Modi

While we’re trying to save as many lives as possible, we’re also trying to ensure economic activities remain smooth as well. The urban workforce will now benefit from the vaccination as well. We will also provide vaccination swiftly to the workers: PM Modi

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