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Novavax COVID-19: Vaccine shows 90% efficacy rate in latest three-phase trial

Novavax COVID-19: Vaccine shows 90% efficacy rate in latest three-phase trial

In trials in the United States and Mexico, the Novavax COVID-19 vaccine showed an overall efficacy of 90.4 percent, potentially adding another vaccine to the world’s arsenal against the disease that has killed up to four million people in just a few months. Trials have previously been placed in the United Kingdom and South Africa.

Gregory M Glenn, MD, President of Research and Development, Novavax, said: “These data show consistent, high levels of efficacy and reaffirm the ability of the vaccine to prevent COVID-19 amid ongoing genetic evolution of the virus. Our vaccine will be a critical part of the solution to COVID-19, and we are grateful to the study participants and trial staff who made this study possible, as well as our supporters, including the US Government.”

While demand for COVID-19 vaccines has declined drastically in the United States, there is still a significant need for more vaccines all over the world. The Novavax vaccine, which is easy to store and carry, is intended to help expand vaccine supplies in developing countries.

It was also successful in high-risk populations, which were classified as those above the age of 65, those under the age of 65 with particular comorbidities, or those who had life circumstances that required frequent COVID-19 exposure.

“Many of our first doses will go to … low- and middle-income countries, and that was the goal to begin with,” The Associated Press received a statement from Mr. Erck. Novavax has agreed to supply 1.1 billion vaccines to low- and middle-income countries through the worldwide vaccine access coalition Gavi.

According to Our World In Data, whereas more than half of the US population has received at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccination, less than 1% of persons in developing countries have.

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