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Scientist In Mexico Created A Nose-Only Mask Which Gaining Popularity.

Mexican scientists have designed a new nose-only mask that will protect people from Covid-19 as they eat and drink. The so-called ‘eating mask,’ like most face masks, has two straps that fasten behind each ear, but only cover the nose.

The Centers for Disease Prevention and Control is very sure¬†about masks. They must fully cover the nose and mouth for optimum protection. A nose-only mask, also known as a “eating mask,” is now gaining popularity. Researchers at Mexico City’s National Polytechnic Institute developed it. According to a press release, the eating mask can help reduce the risk of infection when eating, drinking, or conversing.

Immunity scientist Gustavo Acosta said – ‘Corona virus is very contagious. This (infection) can occur through any of these three routes (eyes, nose, mouth). Obviously, we cannot be infected with tears, but if an infected person sneezes or coughs, then we can become infected.

In the meantime, the Governor of Indiana declared that in two weeks the state mask requirement and COVID-19 market limitations will be lifted. In a speech from his Statehouse office, Republican Gov. Eric Holcomb said the state’s steep decreases in coronavirus hospitalization and death rates, as well as the increasing number of people who are completely vaccinated, justify the April 6 steps.

Local authorities will also be able to enforce tighter restrictions in reaction to COVID-19 cases in their jurisdictions, and face mask use in K-12 schools will remain mandatory for the remainder of the school year, according to Holcomb. He encouraged people to continue wearing masks in public and to spread out their tables at bars and restaurants.

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