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Justin Bieber Admitting He Enjoys His Quiet Life With Hailey Now “More Than Ever Before”.

After admitting that he loves his quiet life with Hailey now more than ever before, the 27-year-old Canadian crooner planted a kiss on his bikini-clad wife before exploring the remote tropical island in The Bahamas together.

In a fluorescent pink string bikini with a matching floral print, Hailey flaunted her supermodel figure and golden tan.

On Sept. 13, Hailey and Justin, who met as children, celebrated two years of marriage bliss. Justin said he prioritizes spending time with his wife because, after never having a “consistent family,” he now enjoys his home life.

Justin said he prioritizes spending time with his wife because he now enjoys his home life after never having a ‘consistent family.

‘I think boundaries for me have been so pivotal in my growth as a human and just my no’s being just as powerful as my yeses and knowing when to say no to certain things has been so helpful in my growth,’ he said during an interview on SiriusXM’s The Morning Mash Up.

‘Just, you know, “Hey, I’m going to turn off at this time.” I’m not gonna make certain decisions past six o’clock … I’m just going to spend time with my wife, whether it’s watching movies or whatever that looks like, but just prioritizing my family and prioritizing like, you know, I never had a consistent family life. 

When his debut album was released at the age of 16, the Sorry hitmaker became famous, but he confessed that his songwriting now had changed as he had only discovered how true love is since meeting Hailey 24.

He added: ‘It’s definitely different from growing up and just wanting to make music because I really loved it. I was kinda thrown into the industry, but I made a decision to want to follow my dreams and at 13, 14 when I started, I didn’t really know what love was, I didn’t know who I was.

‘And so I sang about what I thought it was, but, you know, as I grow up, love kind of takes new shapes and meanings and yeah, so it’s definitely just a lot different.

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