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Guide To Hire Laravel Programmers With The Right Skill Set


In 2020, PHP development is more popular than ever because businesses worldwide are starting to embrace web applications as crucial customer interaction tools. Great websites run on cutting-edge technology built using frameworks like Laravel, Symfony, and Codeigniter.

Since business needs are unique, it usually makes sense to build everything from ground-up. It also makes sense to outsource the bulk of the work, because in-house developers might not have the required expertise to pull together the desired end product. Some of the best teams to outsource to provide Laravel development services.

What is Laravel, and How Does it Help You Meet Your Business Needs?

PHP is currently used as a scripting language for more than 78% of all sites online. The most popular PHP frameworks are:

1) Laravel

2) Symfony

3) CodeIgniter

4) Zend

5) CakePHP

Laravel is the most popular PHP web development framework. Being open-source, it has a massive community of developers and has evolved to become a valuable framework in its class. Laravel 7 was rolled out in March 2020.

Outsourcing to the Right Teams

Another reason for going with professionals is that building web apps with Laravel requires immense patience, dedication, and skill.

Like other PHP frameworks, it can be challenging to keep up with the development cycle’s demands to ship stable and efficient-performing web apps and single-page dynamic sites. That is why engaging the best Laravel development company is imperative.

Here are good qualities to look for in a Laravel developer or team

The developer should ideally have the following soft skills –

1) They should be able to work with a team, as well as independently. This helps the project manager to set and effectively communicate the project objectives.

2) They should have excellent problem-solving abilities. This enables them to tie up the business side and the technology side of the development process.

3) The Laravel developer or team of developers should possess impeccable verbal and written communication skills. That way, they can quickly email or call the most relevant person when the need arises.

4) The developer should be highly creative and willing to adapt to the latest industry trends. This way, they can incorporate the latest features in the web application. Better still, it saves time and money to invest in the latest tech since the app will have more longevity without the need for frequent updates.

5) Best of all, the developer should be able to take feedback (either positive or negative) and use that to produce the best results.

Here are Hard Skills to Look Out For

The following hard skills are essential to getting the job done to perfection. You will be well rewarded should you find developers with:-

1) Extensive experience in web architecture

2) An understanding of the Agile methodology and scrum.

3) Robust PHP experience working with Laravel 5.1 – 5.3

4) MySQL

5) Solid Javascript knowledge and the ability to extend this to Juery (LESS, Angular JS, SASS, VUE JS, and more). CSS working knowledge is also essential.

6) For teamwork, the team should be well-versed with version control systems like SVN and GIT.

7) Knowledge of design patterns like MVC and dependency injection.

8) The developer should ideally have some experience with Jira, Confluence, SD, or BitBucket.

9) For deployment purposes, the developer should be versed in Capistrano or Jenkins.

The Project Manager

The project manager is the most well-suited person for headhunting. There is work to be put in while screening candidates (and there will be many candidates in the market).

Businesses that land productive smart creatives do not do so by chance – they invest the time and resources to find professional developers who are just the right fit.

The project manager also comes in handy in steering the project towards its goals. Project managers are guardian angels who ensure that the project meets its goals without incurring expenses outside the budget and meeting the deadlines.

You can get a Laravel development agency that comes with a project manager.

Narrow it Even More – Putting Your Plan to Paper

Now you have an idea of what your ideal developer should look like. It is time to commit your plan to paper, if not done already.

Start with the basics.

What type of project will you need the professional or team to work on? If you need to manage and enhance the content that you already have in a CMS like Drupal and WordPress, be sure to let the developer know.

What skills should they possess, and how many years of experience do they have?

Finally, list down the tasks that you will require them to do—being very clear about your requirements so that there is no confusion. Once you have a plan on paper, you can now work on getting the expert to deliver the project quickly.

Top Laravel Talents come with support.

Seasoned Laravel developers know that throughout the development process and beyond that, they should provide support for their clients. They should always be available to discuss any issues that come up. They should be patient, lending an empathetic ear to the client, and explaining the technical terms that might not be common knowledge.

This way, they can make the client’s dreams come true since they have a good understanding of their business needs. Moreover, they can provide documentation so that the future web app’s technical support and customer care staff will have a good place to start when trying to understand how the product works.

If you are headhunting for the perfect Laravel developer or other PHP resources, you are in the right place. With decades of combined experience creating amazing web apps, desktop applications, mobile apps, and dynamic websites and web pages, these seasoned developers can help get best services.

Always opt for the best Laravel development company which adhere to industry standards, relying on proven strategies that make the project a runaway success. Get in touch for free and make your project come to life.