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Travis Barker Caresses Kourtney Kardashian’s Butt & Reveals His ‘Love’

Kourtney wore a thong bikini in a series of very seductive Instagram posts as Travis tried to keep his hands off her. Travis’s hand was seen groping Kourtney’s bare backside in one picture while passionately kissing in another.

The couple was on a romantic boat trip through the canyons of Utah’s desert as part of a getaway for Kourtney’s 42nd birthday on April 18. Fans were swooning over Travis’s latest Instagram post for more than just the butt-rubbing. Fans watched as he crossed the perilous Amangiri Hoodoo Bridge, which stands 400 feet above the sea, in slide three. Travis called out to Kourtney, who was bravely walking ahead, as he filmed his harrowing journey across the suspension bridge. Later, they kissed on this thin bridge.

Travis and Kourtney were staying at Amangiri in Canyon Point, Utah, a posh resort frequented by the Kardashians and other celebrities (Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber also stayed there during the summer of 2020). During their holiday, a bikini-clad Kourtney leaped into Travis’ arms for a romantic makeout session against the picturesque orange canyons of Utah, sending hearts racing. Kourtney captioned a snapshot of the romantic moment with the title of one of The Cure’s most romantic songs, “Just Like Heaven.”

Travis posted a number of photos from their holiday on his Instagram account. Kourtney can be seen relaxing on a boat in the same bikini in one photo. He also posted a video of him and Kardashian hiking. She was seen walking over an iron suspension bridge suspended between two gorges in the desert. Travis approached her from behind and said, “I love you,” to which she turned and smiled lovingly. Another photo he posted was of the couple kissing on the bridge. When walking over the bridge, both were dressed in athletic clothing and wearing helmets. “Anywhere with you,” he wrote in the caption.

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