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Tips for Designing a Poolside Deck

The sunbathing season has arrived. Although sunbathing at the beach or in a park is enjoyable, spending time by a pool provides the highest quality vitamin D. Much better if the pool is surrounded by an attractive patio or deck. We’ve rounded up 10 gorgeous pool deck ideas from landscape designers and architects around the country to help you get your outdoor space ready to make a major style statement in the coming months. Take inspiration from these chic hangout spots to find the right decking materials, patio lighting, and more so you can enjoy your outdoor space to the fullest.

Everything you need to know to build the most stylish and comfortable pool deck is given below

Choose Decking Wisely

Studio Robert McKinley used a variety of materials to differentiate the various hangout spots and to refine their respective functional functions. The concrete flooring underneath the fire pit seating area is long-lasting, low-maintenance, and inexpensive, while the lawn serves as a pleasant transition to the pool, where wood decking, while more expensive, makes pool maintenance much easier.

It’ll Get Hot Outside

When choosing a pool deck content, what do you think about first? The mixture of a hot pool deck and bare feet equals big regret. “Look for a material that won’t get too hot, or put a hot material in a shaded location,” says Lucas Congdon, owner of Lucas Lagoons.

Fence It

Fencing in your pool area will provide extra protection and safety, whether you go for a minimalist fence like landscape architect Edmund Hollander did here or something more traditional like a stone wall.

Color Is Key

Lighter colors, regardless of the content, are often preferable for avoiding the hot-foot. “And though you paint it, white-based cement pavers would be cooler than grey-based cement pavers,” Congdon explains.

Surroundings Play A Part

With a light stone tile border and a gravel walkway, this pool blends in perfectly with its surroundings. The light blue water reflects the shutters on the château in the distance. Take inspiration from this lovely swimming pool to build a pool area that looks like it belongs in the French countryside.

Should Not Be Slippery

To prevent slipping off the edge, choose a textured and slip-resistant decking material that will hold up even when wet. “Many materials feel fine on the surface, but when they get wet, they become slick,” says Congdon. “Polished concrete, for example, is very common indoors these days, but it can be very slippery, particularly if sealed. Leave it unfinished or add texture to it with a stamped pattern.”

Focus On The Sight

The sleek infinity pool and minimalist deck set the tone, allowing our gaze to be drawn to the stunning, expansive vineyard view ahead. If you’re drawn to the visual illusion of a never-ending edge, this is the style for you.

Future features

Expand your vision once you’ve decided how you want to use your pool to include any potential features you may want to include. Even if you won’t be using these features right away, it’s a good idea to leave space in your final design for them.

Spas, water features, and garden structures are all great additions to your backyard. You can also prepare for a play area, tanning deck, or outdoor kitchen, as well as a lawn, fencing, and other unique landscape features.

Lights And Irrigation Wires

Lighting, sprinklers, and audio systems can be installed last, but they should be considered first. “A lot of people leave an area for plants but forget about irrigation,” says Congdon. “As a result, they have to hand-water those plants all the time.” “However, it’s much simpler if you run all the conduits for lighting, drainage, and outdoor speakers to certain areas before you do your deck.”

Set a Budget

Early on in the pool planning process, create a budget. You’re ready to make it a reality if you have a good vision of what you want and are aware of any limitations that might apply. An expert pool contractor will give you some informed estimates to work with.

A budget will aid you and your pool planner in understanding the scale of the project and will be crucial in design and material selection.

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