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Bathroom Remodel Ideas 2021

We want our bathrooms to be stylish, comfortable, and above all, places where we can relieve stress, relax and take care of ourselves. All of the above can be accomplished with the help of these Bathroom Remodel Ideas.

However, deciding on a new look isn’t always easy, so we’ve compiled a list of bathroom design ideas from the hallowed pages of Architectural Digest and the equally hallowed digital pages of Clever— each of them packed with inspiring ideas for your very own renovation, including soothing baths, glamourous vanities, and elegant showers.  

So whether you’re revamping a space to make it more functional or simply more beautiful, this handy guide is your one-stop shop for all things bathroom renovation.

Bathroom Renovation Or Decoration Ideas


The bathroom seems to have a futuristic variation on ribbed surfaces to provide a visual and tactile delight. In the interior, reeded finishes are the focus. The appearance is reminiscent of Art Deco glamor – light pillars – and flutters are being reinvented. Subtle interest is provided by the delicately ribbed surfaces and armoires of vanity, and shower doors in decorative vertical raised glass provide immediate privacy while providing a glare of light.

While floating vanities are usually crisp in their lines, their space-saving storage solution offers more than ever customization options with sinks, hackers, and hardware that suit any design. Wall-mounted vanities come in a range of configurations from a full unit with a counter, sink, and foundation, like an independently standing vanity without legs, to partial sets and completely separate parts.


Over the next twelve months, transforming an interior room into a seamless experience to generate a more enjoyable use will be critical. We use our bathrooms at least twice a day as homeowners, and studies show that the average female spends at least 29 minutes in this space each day, so it’s become essential to ensure that bathroom design provides an at-home spa-like experience so we can stay longer.

Biophilia – the incorporation and inclusion of nature as a focal point – isn’t going anywhere, either, in addition to luxurious tiles and spa-like nooks for storage. The desire to create a rich, sensory connection with nature is still gaining traction.


In 2021, you can say goodbye to tiny mosaic tiles, at least when it comes to bathroom walls. According to Suzanne Zurfluh, director of design and trend at Emser Tile, “the movement toward larger format tiles will gain traction in the coming year because this style can make a major impact on a space while showing fewer grout lines.” Large-format tiles exude luxury, particularly when used in conjunction with natural stone and stone-look materials. Since there are fewer grout lines and fewer grout lines to scrub, slabs are a popular option for shower surrounds.

Nontraditional subway tiles in a variety of sizes, colors, textures, and finishes, in addition to large tiles and slab wall coverings, will be a major bathroom design trend in 2021, according to Zurfluh. For their trendy minimalist look, expect to see vertically and horizontally stacked linear tiles.


To ramp up the heat in your bathroom scheme, use natural pigments. Warmer colors, such as terracotta, rust, caramel, and biscuit, go hand in hand with the need for warmth. Look for tiles with earthy tones and tactile finishes that are the antidote to clinical and cold. To add definition, pair them with black taps or a black basin. Untreated wood also works well, evoking a natural, warm atmosphere.

After a long year, a fresh coat of paint in a new color goes a long way toward freshening up and starting anew, particularly in the bathroom. The top colors for 2021 are vivid and wet, making them a perfect combination for the room where you begin and end your day.


Choosing a sink can be one of the most difficult aspects of designing a new bathroom because it requires a careful combination of aesthetics, efficiency, installation, and budget considerations. There are other choices as well. People will put a clever twist on classic white ceramic in the new year with decorative basins with ripples, brightly colored matte models, Miami Vice-like pastels, or gold rims. More alternatives to the ceramic basin would be included in the designs, such as glass, concrete, pressurized surfaces, and mineral cast basins.

In 2021, if you are much less mode and prefer minimalistic, scandalous designs do not panic, our need to be in tune with nature will also be stressed. The year in which Brave New World color, in comparison to cold and hardy surfaces, usually found in the bathroom, coins the color of a warmer tone, natural wood, and curved lines.

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