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Apple to Launch Augmented Reality Headset in 2020


In a recent report Ming-Chi Kuo, a reliable analyst of Apple, stated that the company is planning an augmented reality headset expected soon. Hitting the mass communication the pair of glasses as early as Q4 2019 is to be made available at the start of the upcoming New Year 2020.
The use of this headset is still a mystery. Kuo stated that it could be more or less of an apple watch. This AR headset couldn’t be used without an iPhone as it’s working would rely on the iPhone.
The deported display(The Glasses) will provide the information. Your iPhone will be responsible for computing, location services and internet connectivity. Of course the AR headset would rely on Bluetooth connectivityto communicate with iPhone.
Apple Headset
Kuo’s report is still unclear about what you’ll find in this headset. Apple may embed displays and sensors to the AR headset to sense your surroundings. An AR device would make sense if Apple puts sensor to detect things.
Apple has already testedthe augmented reality using its AR Kit framework on iOS. Developers have been able to build certain apps that integrate digital elements in the real world, as viewed by phone cameras.
While some apps added AR features, most of them feel gimmicky and doesn’t add up any real value. There is no tons of AR-native apps either.
One of the interesting use case of the augmented reality is mapping. Google recently unveiled an augmented reality mode for Google Mapping. Just hold your phone in front of your face to see the arrows indicating where you are supposed to go.
Apple is working onrebuilding Apple Maps with its own data. The company isn’t just limited to drawing maps. It is collecting a ton of real-world data using LiDAR sensors and eight cameras attached to a car roof. Let’s see if Apple Maps will show up as an important feature in Apple’s rumored AR headset.