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24 Hours to Improving Essay Writing

Improving Essay Writing

Can one improve or write an essay in the deadline of 24 hours? Yes of course with a little planning, and dedication one can easily write an essay under 24 hours, and not just any essay, but a good essay that may get an individual scholarship or job. Wondering how to do that? In this article we will tell you step by step the procedure to follow when writing a good qualitative essay.  

Starting writing the essay the individual needs to plan out their day, since the individual has only 24 hours to produce a qualitative essay, they will need to make a to do list for their day. For obvious reasons, the individual will have to plan out their day in such a way that they can give most of their time into writing the essay. For this its best that the individual reschedule any other commitments that he has for the day to some other day, wake up early, and make the most out of these 24 hours. 

The first thing the individual needs to do is start with selecting the topic for the essay. 

For any good essay, you need to have a good topic that catches the interest of the reader, and make them spend time reading onto your essay. Selecting a topic may seem easy, but the individual needs to spend at least an hour or two before finalising any topic that he may like. The individual needs to brainstorm for the spoken time period, they can go to the internet to get some help. 

The individual can find quite many options available on the internet to write an essay on, but it’s best if they write a topic purely from their thinking ability, something that is original and creative. Although The Internet can provide long lists and lists of topics for Essay writing help, they are the most common topics, since most of the students select topics from the internet, so it lacks originality and creativity. 

Individual can although read through different subjects of their interest and make a choice about which field they want to write, for example, whether they want to write an essay on photography or whether they want to write an essay on film industry, or whether they want to write an essay on deforestation, whatever subject that interests them, they should read in detail about that particular subject, and after careful analysis and critical thinking should they decide on a particular topic. 

Once the topic has been decided, an individual is sure about what he or she wants to write. The next thing is to write an introduction. To write an introduction the individual needs to spend another of their 2 hours. After the title it is the introductions job to keep the interest of the reader as such that he continues reading the whole essay, the writer can raise questions on the topic that they have chosen, in the introductory part of the essay. Raising the questions will pick upon the reader’s curiosity.  The reader would then himself ask these questions and will wonder what can be their answers, but raising these questions is not an easy thing. The writer will have to read a lot into their topic to find the most intriguing and interesting information that can be talked of in the essay. 

After the introduction has been curated the next thing to write is the main body of the essay, but wait up, before you start writing the main content that will take up the most time, it is time to relax a bit, by the time the introduction has been written, the writer will have exhaust himself, brainstorming the title and introduction, the writer therefore needs to take a break, have some tea or coffee, scroll through their phone or listen to music or can even take a short nap, it is very important to relax your brain, otherwise, while you are writing the main content you will exhaust yourself which would be reflected in the quality of the content dropping, so relax and eat up something refreshing. 

After resting for half an hour or maybe an hour, it is time to start writing the main content of the body. The writer needs to spend at least three hours writing this part of the essay, since it contains most of the important information and content. In the main body of the essay, the writer will work on to answer the question he raised in the introduction part of the essay.The answers should be detailed and understandable, the writing style must be coherent, making sense to the reader’s brain, the writer needs to frame sentences in such a way that they are decent looking and easy to read. The best essay requires the best writing style, when the sentence needs to end and when a paragraph needs to be changed, all determine the quality of the essay. 

Also, when the writer is adding the content he needs to make sure that the content is reliable, the writer can not afford to write false information or provide pseudo content, it will not only look bad on part of the essay but also on the writer’s writing skill and personality. The writer can collect information from the internet or books and journals, but they should make sure the information they are collecting is not biased.

Once the main body of the essay has been written it is time to take another break, this break need not be the same as the previous one, it could be a 15 min break, to relax and stretch yourself. The break will help you write the next part smoothly without tiring yourself out.  

Then comes the last part of the essay, the conclusion. The writer can spend an hour or in many cases half an hour writing the conclusion. It does not need to be lengthy, the shorter the conclusion the better, but it should conclude the essay decently.  

Following these steps, 24 hours is more than enough to write a qualitative, decent essay.