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£20m ‘Morrisons’ Mansion Dream Home Of ‘The Rooney’ Is Built On Manchester Airport’s Flight Path

Last week MailOnline revealed that Wayne and Coleen Rooney’s £20m new dream home is right under the flight-path of Britain’s third busiest airport.


Coleen Mary McLoughlin was born in Liverpool, Merseyside, to Tony and Colette McLoughlin. Tony McLoughlin, who was a bricklayer, also ran a boxing club. The McLoughlins are of Irish descent. Coleen is the eldest of four children; her adopted sister Rosie, who suffered from Rett syndrome died on 5 January 2013 at the age of 14. Coleen Rooney attended St John Bosco Arts College and left school with 10 GCSEs, including an A* for Performing Arts

Rooney Wife

She met her future husband, Wayne Rooney, at the age of 12 in the Liverpool suburb of Croxteth. They began a relationship at the age of 16 after they left secondary school. Wayne’s mother, Jeanette, worked as a part-time cleaner at St John Bosco Arts College, which Coleen attended.The couple has four sons: Kai Wayne (born 2 November 2009), Klay Anthony (born 21 May 2013), Kit Joseph (born 24 January 2016), and Cass Mac (born 15 February 2018)

Rooney child

The six-bedroom mega-mansion – where building began in 2017. The property (above) is located near Knutsford and Mobberley were in 2012, 600 homeowners were paid around £1,500 compensation each because their properties had been devalued due to aircraft noise when the second runway was opened

Rooney House

From the grounds of their unfinished property, mocked for its resemblance to a ‘Morrisons supermarket’, the Rooneys will regularly see planes flying above them. And sharp-eyed passengers will easily be able to spot the huge property with its full-size football pitch in the 40-acre grounds – and possibly even glimpse the former England legend enjoying a kickaround with his four sons.

Even the noise from take-offs could also be heard above the sounds of sheep and birds in nearby fields.

Rooney Home

The aircraft noise is getting worse when the wind is blowing in an easterly direction and planes coming in to land then choose to circle to the west of the property Work on the converted farm came to a standstill in April due to concerns around building supply deliveries as lockdown restrictions came into full force.

Rooney Ariel view

An aerial view from the top shows the magnificent dream project of Wayne and Coleen Rooney.