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20 Chinese Soldiers Wounded, Indian Soldiers Chased Sikkim Again, On The Border

In Ladakh, Indian and China troops clashed in Naku La in the northern frontier territory of Sikkim in the latest stand-off.

According to sources, there was a fight three days ago between the troops and soldiers from both sides. The Chinese army wanted to shift the border’s status quo and some of its troops were attempting to cross into Indian territories. Indian soldiers stopped Chinese soldiers during this period.

The condition is now, though, under control. Indeed, India and China have been fighting at various places before because of Chinese attacks in Indian territories at some border troops.

Clarifying the news, the Indian Army released an official statement stating that on 20 January 2021 there was a minor face-off in the Nakula region of North Sikkim and that the local commanders had resolved it in compliance with existing protocols.

The situation in the LAC is tense as a result of this attempt by Chinese soldiers attempting to reach the territory of India. Yesterday, the 9th round of talks between the Indian and Chinese military officers took place in the molds of East Ladakh in order to alleviate this tension. The outcome of this conference, which lasted about 15 hours, has not yet been announced, but India has called for the friction on the LAC to be minimised.

The 8th and final round of talks took place on 6 November, during which both sides discussed the disengagement of troops from specific friction points. The seventh round of Corps Commander-level talks took place on 12 October, when China called for the removal of Indian troops from a number of strategic heights along the southern bank of Pangong Lake. The location of the latest flashpoint, however, is far from Ladakh, all the way across the length of Nepal in Sikkim.

As troops from both nations collided in Galwan Valley, the tensions between India and China peaked and 20 Indian troops were killed. Since then, several rounds of talks have been held at both military and diplomatic levels, but little progress has been made in breaking the deadlock.