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Types Of Wedding Flower Bouquets For Brides

Wedding Flower Bouquets

Planning a wedding can be hectic and stressful. There are so many decisions to make and so much planning to do. When it comes to bouquet styles, you will have a lot of choices. In this article, we’ll break down the different flower bouquets for a bride to help make decision-making easier.

Cascade Bouquet
Cascade bouquets are wedding flower bouquets arranged in a way that resembles a waterfall or a cascade. These types of bouquets are also known as pageant bouquets and make an excellent choice for weddings. This type of bouquet can be made with a variety of different flowers and create a strong style statement. Roses, lilies, orchids, and delphiniums are some of the most popular flowers used in cascade bouquets. If you’re looking for cascade bouquets for your wedding, you can now easily order them online with Petal Pushers, the best florist in Knoxville TN.

Posy Bouquet
The posy bouquet can easily be carried in the hand, making it one of the most popular choices for brides. The word “posy” comes from the Old French word posée, meaning “a small bunch of flowers.” A typical posy bouquet contains a mix of seasonal blooms in coordinating colors. The florist will select blooms that complement the bride’s gown and wedding theme. For example, a summer bride might carry a posy of roses, daisies, and baby’s breath, while a winter bride might carry a posy of holly, ivy, and evergreens.

Hand Tied Bouquet
There are many different types of bouquets for brides, but one of the most popular is the hand-tied bouquet. This type of bouquet is typically made with long-stemmed flowers and has a graceful, flowing look. The stems of the flowers are usually wrapped in ribbon or twine and then tied together, creating a beautiful, natural-looking bouquet. Petal Pushers flower shop is especially popular for creating exquisite bridal bouquets that are elegant and graceful.

Round Bouquet
If you are looking for a classic bouquet that will never go out of style, a round bouquet is a way to go. It is elegant and timeless and can be made with any type of flower. This bouquet is often made with a single type of flower that gives a uniform look and form a perfect dome. There is often a ribbon holding these flowers together, to create a compact cluster. Under the ribbon, the stems are preferred to be visible. Looking for premium wedding flowers like roses in Knoxville TN? Order online from Petal Pushers now!

Nosegay Bouquet
A nosegay bouquet is a small, round bouquet that is perfect for a bride who wants something simple and elegant. It usually consists of just a few flowers and more greenery. Roses, lilies, and daisies are all popular choices for nosegays. Famous wedding florists in Knoxville TN say that this type of bouquet is perfect for brides who want a more relaxed, natural look.

Pomander Bouquet
A pomander bouquet is a type of bridal bouquet that consists of flowers and greenery that are wire-wrapped into a ball shape. This bouquet style is known as a kissing ball. This type of bouquet is perfect for brides who want a unique and charming look for their wedding. The pomander bouquet is attached to a ribbon or piece of jewelry. The bouquet consists of a single type of flower or a small cluster of same-color flowers.

Composite Bouquets
Composite bouquets are made of individual flower petals that are artfully arranged together to create a one-of-a-kind arrangement. Because each flower petal is hand-selected, a composite bouquet can be customized to your exact specifications. The individual petals are usually different colors and sizes, but they are all connected to each other to create one cohesive bouquet. This type of bouquet is often used for weddings, as it has a more relaxed feel than a traditional bouquet. Composite bouquets are perfect for brides who want a dramatic look.

There are many types of wedding flower bouquets for brides, and it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. However, by taking into account the style of your dress, the theme of your wedding, and your own personal preferences, you should be able to narrow down the options and choose a bouquet that you will love.