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Salman Khan Conceals Getting Bitten By A Snake In His Panvel Farmhouse, Shares The Complete Story


The actor Salman Khan has spoken in detail about being bit by a snake near his home close to Panvel. The incident happened the night of Saturday, following which the actor was taken to a hospital in Navi Mumbai.

On the day he celebrated his birthday on the 56th of July, Bollywood star Salman Khan met with a tragic incident. Salman Khan was bitten by a snake in his Panvel farm and was taken to hospital.

After being bit by a snake, an image of Salman recovering in the hospital went to the top of social media. The incident did make his fans in a state of anxiety, but Salman is healthy.

The night before, Salman made his first public appearance following the incident. His pictures were a sigh of relief for his followers, and Salman even took his cake to celebrate his birthday simultaneously. The actor broke his silence about his snake-bite incident. Salman revealed how he was bit by the snake in an interview with the press.

The snake was in my homestead; I took it out using an object. It slowly climbed onto my palm. I grabbed it and let it release. That’s the moment it bit me three times. It was a poisonous snake. I was hospitalised for six hours. I’m now fine,” he said.


In an interview in which Salman’s father was interviewed, he had discussed Salman’s health status. We were very worried about it and Salman ran to the nearest medical centre to receive the injection needed in this situation.

Fortunately, it was discovered that the snake wasn’t poisonous. The snake returned to the farm and slept for a while. In the present it’s fine. Nothing to be worried about, but yes there was a fright,” he told the entertainment site.

People who love Salman were worried regarding his overall health. However, Salman is in good health and is well, and on the night, he was at his house and posed for photographers. In addition, the actor is currently asleep, and his most recent images have appeared on the web too.

Salman Khan is one of the most hunted actors. On December 27, 2021, the star reached the age of 56. The entire B-Town community has already begun celebrating ‘Bhai”s birthday to the max, and social media is filled with posts and messages.