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Indian YouTuber arrested for flying pet dog on balloons in video

Gaurav, a four-million-subscriber YouTuber from India, was arrested in Delhi when helium balloons were attached to his pet dog ‘Dollar.’

Gaurav Sharma, 32, is suspected of filming his dog strapped to a bundle of helium balloons outside a building, according to police. As Sharma let go of the dog, it started to “fly away.” On May 21, he was arrested under sections 188, 269, and 34 of the Animal Cruelty Act after his acts sparked public indignation.

After witnessing the horrific footage, People for Animals, one of India’s largest animal welfare organizations, expressed concern.

Sharma is also seen atop a car with his toy pomeranian puppy in the video. When Sharma lets go of the dog, it begins to float through the air, eventually reaching the second level of a building. While the YouTuber and another woman cheered, the dog was seen floating in the air for a few moments.

“Please don’t misunderstand what I’m saying. We would take all necessary safety procedures before flying Dollar “In the now-deleted video, Gaurav claimed. The YouTuber gets ready with drones and a few other items in the video then drive to a shop to buy balloons first. The video also shows his conversation with the store, in which he inquires about the number of balloons required to keep Dollar flying.

‘I admit my mistake, but I personally had taken all the safety measures before flying the video,’ he said.

‘I love my pet like my child. It was the wrong content that has gone out.’

He created an apology video in which he stated that he performed all necessary safety steps before flying up Dollar, but these were not shown in the video due to its length. “I am also a pet lover… I got influenced by seeing some videos from outside. I apologize for that and I will appeal to all of those watching to not get influence by my video,” He said this while playing with his toy Pomeranian Dollar on an old tape.

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