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The Hero Of The Nation Lands Home: IAF Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman

Wing Commander Abhinandan

Since last week the News of wing commander Abhinandan have become abuzz in social media. After a struggle of 60 long hours wing commander Abhinandan has been released from Pakistan’s custody. Abhinandan have become a most talked about person in the recent week.
IAF Wing Commander Abhinandan

Pakistan sources released a video of wing commander Abhinandan having coffee with Pakistani authority asking him many questions. Although The brave heart Abhinandan promptly replied to all their questions but has refused to provide them any mission details. His lines grabbed fame on twitter and elsewhere in the hash tag saying; “I am not supposed to tell you this”#WelcomeHomeAbhinandanthis catched much fire when the Nagpur Police wrote:

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The line got fame in social media with everybody sharing it on their social media accounts using it in their hash tags and has became popular as the most used punchline this week.

Later on when The wing commander was handed over to India at the Attari Border this Friday, he explained that Pakistanis didn’t do him any physical harm but they tortured him mentally.

Evidence says the medical reports of The wing Commander is fine along with the MRI scan except the injury in his lower spine which could have happened due to his ejection from his MiG-21 after aerial engagement with an F-16.