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Finding The Right Wardrobe For Your Needs


A wardrobe is the next most important thing in the bedroom after bed. It is for this reason that you have to get the right one to go well with your varied needs. Wardrobes are not only used to store clothes but can also be used to store jewellery as you can have hidden drawers installed in them.

Before you settle on a particular design or size, you need to consider personal preferences and needs. Pick one that will accommodate all your items and one that will also balance with other furniture in the bedroom. Let us look at vital considerations in finding the right wardrobe for your preferred needs.

Identify your Storage Requirements

Before settling on a wardrobe, think about what you will store in it. Think about hanging dresses that require full-length space or shirts, blouses, or skirts that need half-height rails. You can install adjustable shelves to suit your varied needs to accommodate new additions to your wardrobe. A chest of drawers also comes in handy when you require storing things like innerwear or jewellery.


The space available for the wardrobe will determine the kind of wardrobe you will have. If you have awkward angles in the bedroom, uneven walls or a sloping ceiling, then you require having a custom-fitted wardrobe. This type of wardrobe will help you make use of all the space available without wastage of the space.

On the other hand, wardrobes that stand alone are ideal when there is no limitation of space. The main advantage of this type of wardrobe is its versatility concerning design and cost. Also, the wardrobe is portable as you can take move with it when changing houses.

Availability or lack of space will also determine the kind of door on your wardrobe. If you have enough space and want a wardrobe with a traditional look, one with hinged doors will do just fine. However, with space limitations, sliding doors are ideal as they save on space. You can add a glass panel on the door to enhance its appearance.


It is essential to measure the ceiling height and the available floor space before you purchase the wardrobe. The clothing rod height is also vital since you need one that will suit your clothes. Adult clothes need rods with a minimum height of 45 inches while children’s clothes should have about 30 inches.

Also, opt for deeper shelves as they offer more storage space. However, they should not be more than 15 inches deep for easier accessibility. Ensure that the wardrobe does not block sources of light, especially natural light into the bedroom. Leave enough room for movement by maintaining space between the wardrobe and other furniture in the bedroom.

Style and Quality

Your wardrobe style should match other bedroom furniture and any interior decoration in the room. If you have ornate interiors in your bedroom, you can opt for decorative doors on the wardrobe. If your preference is a minimalist and clean look, a wardrobe without doors could be an option for you.

Hues and finishes on the wardrobe should blend with the palette in the room. To ensure visual harmony, your bedroom and the wardrobe should have design aesthetics that complement each other.

In conclusion, it is essential to find the right wardrobe for your needs as a wardrobe is not something that you buy frequently. You only buy it once and use it for several years before you can think of changing it. Therefore, make the right choice when purchasing one to avoid regrets.