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Emily Ratajkowski Flaunts Her Incredible Post-Baby Figure In An Inamorata Teeny-Tiny Thong Bikini.


In March, she gave birth to a son called Sylvester.

Emily Ratajkowski, meanwhile, was proud to flaunt her stunning post-baby figure in a revealing swimsuit from her own Inamorata line, taking to Instagram on Tuesday to model a new zebra-striped bikini.

The 29-year-old model/author, who was born in the United Kingdom but raised in San Diego, literally sizzled as she teased all angles of the barely-there swimsuit, which revealed plenty of cleavage and derriere.

Emily showed off her flat abs in the mirror before turning around to expose her thong-clad backside and a side order of side-boob.

Another video showed the actress lying in bed with her brunette tresses spread out on the sheets, teasing her cleavage as Lil Nas X’s Montero (Call Me By Your Name) played in the background.

‘Sylvester Apollo Bear has visited us on this side of the universe. ‘On the most surreal, stunning, and love-filled morning of my life, Sly arrived 3/8/21,’ she captioned the photo.

Emily revealed her pregnancy on the cover of Vogue last autumn, and she wrote an article about bodies and gender inside the magazine.

‘When my husband and I tell our friends we’re expecting, their first question is almost always, “Do you know what you want?”‘ she said.

‘We like to say that we won’t know the gender of our child until they’re 18 and that they’ll tell us then,’ she said, admitting that ‘everyone laughs at this.’

‘There is a truth to our line, however, one that hints at possibilities much more complicated than any genitalia our child might be born with: the truth that we essentially have no idea who – rather than what – is growing inside my uterus,’ she continued. Who will this person be?’

‘I like the idea of pushing as few gender roles on my child as possible,’ the first-time parent said in the magazine.

‘But, no matter how egalitarian I hope to be, I understand the need to know the gender of our fetus; it feels like the first true glimpse of who they could be,’ she admitted.

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