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Court Sends Sushil to 9 Days of Judicial Custody In Sagar Rana ‘Chhatrasal’ Murder Case

Court Sends Sushil to 9 Days of Judicial Custody In Sagar Rana 'Chhatrasal' Murder Case

On Wednesday, The city police’s application for three days of incarceration for a wrestler and Olympic medalist Sushil Kumar was refused by a Delhi court ,saying the investigating agency had not shown any new evidence to justify the remand.

After being arrested on murder charges on World Wrestling Day (23 May), the two-time Olympic medalist was held in police custody for ten days.

During the session, Additional Public Prosecutor Atul Srivastava informed Metropolitan Magistrate Rashmi Gupta that the police had found one router and described the CCTV tape showing Sushil Kumar assaulting Sagar Rana, saying, “The video is the first clinching evidence we could collect.” However, according to APP Srivastava, the DRV record has yet to be recovered because the cell phone is still missing and the danda (stick) that Sushil Kumar is seen using in the CCTV tape.

Sushil’s lawyer, Pardeep Rana, retorted angrily in court, saying that Sushil is “not a hated criminal,” but rather “the victim of circumstances.” He claimed that Sushil Kumar made the nation proud not once, but twice, adding that he had never seen a case where the police were still looking for the accused’s clothes. Atul Srivastava, the Additional Public Prosecutor, stated it was cold-blooded murder.

While the prosecution stated that the purpose for Sushil’s custody extension was to continue the investigation, the prosecution also stated that items such as the weapon, clothes, and phones had yet to be retrieved.

While on the run from the cops, Sushil was using the Telegram app and an internet dongle to communicate with his pals on his SIM-less phone, according to Crime Branch.

Since then, Kumar has been on the run, and the Delhi Police have offered a cash reward of Rs. 1 lakh for any information leading to his capture. He is thought to have traveled from Delhi to Haridwar, Rishikesh, and Punjab. Both of the accused were apprehended on May 23 in Delhi’s Mundka neighborhood.

According to the police, a PCR call was received regarding gunfire at Delhi’s Chhatarsal Stadium on the night of May 4-May 5. The three criminals were carried to the hospital, and one of them, Sagar, died as a result of his injuries.

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