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Celebrity Investments in Popular Crypto and Blockchain Projects

Bitcoin is a movement which is slowly catching up in every corner of the globe. What started as a mere idea is now changing the global financial scenario. Initially, it was anarchists, developers and internet users to adopt cryptocurrency but now it has become a trend bringing everyone under its umbrella. In the last few years, the crypto community has spread in a huge area, millions of people from around the world are investing brainpower, money and time to strengthen the industry. If recent reports are to be believed, celebrities are also grabbing the opportunity to invest millions of dollars on popular cryptocurrencies, some are even investing in many upcoming Blockchain projects.
Celebrities are simple humans, which mean they too want smart investments. What better than cryptocurrency in this digital age? Over the year’s cryptocurrencies and Blockchain, projects are gaining prominence, the fear of missing out the next big thing is influencing popular celebrities around the world. Business tycoons are also not hesitating to enter this nascent industry. Popular names from the film, music, tech and fashion industry have already invested a huge sum of money. Holding hefty bags of popular digital assets is now a trend. Thanks to some of the Best Bitcoin Exchange Australia like AusFinex which is making crypto investment fast and easy.
Celebrity adoption of cryptocurrency started way back in 2013 when very few heard about Bitcoin. Snoop Dogg was among the first celebrities to promote and sell music albums in the digital currency. In the following year, popular Spice Girl Mel B sold her Christmas Single for Bitcoin. It was back then that celebrities started realizing the potential of cryptocurrency. The ability of this new technology to simplify human lives grabbed the attention of top celebrities. Since then, there was no looking back. Every year celebrity involvement in this innovation increased, seeing wide adoption of Bitcoin. Madonna was in news for collaborating with Ripple for a fundraiser. The popular Pirates of the Caribbean film series action Johnny Depp became a partner with a Blockchain startup.
Apart from the film fraternity, top names from the sports world also came forward to make cryptocurrency investments. Lionel Messi, one of the all-time greats of football was once the brand ambassador of popular Blockchain-centric smartphone manufacturer. Microsoft founder and once the richest man in the world openly lauded Blockchain technology. In an interview, he praised decentralized, borderless and cost-effective nature of Bitcoin when all his billionaire club members were doubtful of this new concept. What’s more, Microsoft even started accepting Bitcoin for all its online stores, one of the top IT giants to start crypto adoption many years back. Apart from that, Microsoft backed several Blockchain startups showing its trust in this new technology.
Though popular celebrities have invested or come forward in support of cryptocurrency, it hasn’t been smooth sailing all these years. Popular face from the boxing world, Floyd Mayweather was charged for promoting shady or fraudulent ICOs. There have been many several other fakers like 50 Cent misguiding millions of followers. However, cryptos have found a safe home in the hearts of popular hip hop artists and rappers around the world. Pitbull, also known as Mr. Worldwide entered into the crypto business with plans of launching music related Blockchain project.
However there is no definite proof that celebrities and popular personalities are investing millions of dollars in cryptocurrencies, some believe these are nothing but endorsements to lure millions of fans around the world. Despite, many are of the hope that popular names like Messi, Bill Gates, Madonna, Johnny Depp, and other well-known personalities are buying cryptocurrency for the long run. Cryptocurrencies are undoubtedly the modern-day sensation which can change the lives of people, no matter it’s a celebrity or a commoner.
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