Udta Punjab Ready To Release

Udta Punjab Ready To Release

Udta Punjab film that depends on medication misuse in Punjab – a reality that each school-going child knows, much the same as there is a degenerate officer in your closest government office.

All things considered, advise that to every one of those groups of casualties who were influenced by the medication misuse! It fundamentally demonstrates that our government officials resemble ostriches who have their heads covered in the ground, attempting to persuade themselves the outside world can’t see them.

So Udta Punjab is thinking that its hard to get a discharge that the CBFC’s amending board of trustees’ proposition to incorporate 89 cuts in the film! 89 cuts! Is that a world record that our Censor Board needs to accomplish?

On top of that the board needs the creators to evacuate “Punjab” from the title, and any reference of the state and its governmental issues from the film. So to put it plainly, they need to discharge a film set in dream land, where each person communicates in Punjabi and do drugs, however it’s not set in Punjab, as you may have guessed! Since we are an adarsh desh, we do no medications, as you may have guessed! So, as somebody kidded on Twitter, Censor Board needs Udta Punjab to kill their area tracker! Wonder why no such love is appeared to UP and Bihar, when our movies unremittingly indicate them as the place that is known for ravagers, attackers and killers!


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