All You Need To Know About Grand National

All You Need To Know About Grand National

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For those of you that happen to be avid horse race fans and want to know more about the roots of this great old sport, then you’re at the right place. Here on this page, you’ll be let in on one of the world’s oldest and biggest horse racing tournament in England. We begin first with a brief introductory history of the Grand National. Included in this article will also be information on match dates and betting: odds and tips and the likes. Read on to learn more.

Grand National History

The races are said to have been the brainchild of William Lynn. This was in the year 1829, where the groundwork proper was set up. The project soon caught on and by the 40’s, Lynn became a household name with this venture. By this time, his health is said to have been better, but nevertheless, the foundation had been laid to what would soon come to be known as The Grand National, held every year on April. The program runs a full three days starting on the 6th to the 8th.

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With time, a cash prize to the tune of a million pound sterling was introduced as the stakes for the popular event; with time, bookies were collecting bets from the thousands of eager fans that were streaming in from pretty much all of the UK to watch as jockeys rein their champ racers over 15 hurdles punctuating the 4 miles long track which spans 514 yards. (Read the article called Grand National 2017: Horse Racing Betting Odds and Tips for a more comprehensive guide on all matters behind betting at the Grand National – it also contains info about tracks & much more).

Before WW1, the races were located at Gatwick (present location: Aintree race course) and had as yet to be named the Grand National. This proved a challenge because organisers had to fish out a newer location so the continuity of the games was not that grievously compromised. During which time it was known as the Racecourse Association Steeplechase, this was, however, short-lived as WW2 quickly commenced and this saw the races temporarily stopped. This went on for the whole duration of the war.

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Grand National Golden Years

Afterwards, the gunships feel silent on this tumultuous era, and the Grand National was now free to continue thrilling race fans again. Of the countless racing teams that participated in the runs perhaps the most notable, wins and records were in 1970 when Red Rum managed a hat trick wins in three successive titles. This record had prior to never been witnessed and this quickly made this pair a name in the titles and racing history collectively. This streak was however broken in the mid-seventies when the duo failed to claim the win.

Previous Records

In recent years, the tournament has had its newer breed of champs and it’s important if we introduced you to some of these. Since the event had caught on so much, it was difficult for any one team to retain the unbeaten record for lengthy periods of time. Some of the today’s favourites are a horse named Rule the World; having taken the title from erstwhile champ Many Clouds.

Another launch from the championships was the Rider and horse team of Leighton Aspell in the years 2014-15 successively. The youngest runner to win the Grand National is a race horse named Many clouds (see above) who managed to win the title at a meagre eight years of age.

This is impressive because of the contention that had arisen in past years of running under age horses from many animal rights groups in the UK and the world over. Ballabriggs in 2011 became the first horse to win with a prognostication of just 14/1 chances of success. This is impressive since earlier winners were ranked as having a 25/1 average chance of bagging the titles.

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The Grand National has for many years been something of the last word in the horse racing competitions not just in London but all over the world as well. A little trivia for you here: in the 1944 film National Velvet, the event was used as a backdrop to the horse-rider relationship that plays out in the movie.


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