Fatwa Issued Against Jimmy Sheirgill, “Shorgul”

Fatwa Issued Against Jimmy Sheirgill, “Shorgul”

It would appear that there’s more inconvenience in store for Jimmy Sheirgill-starrer Shorgul, which has raised the temper of the political clique in Uttar Pradesh and as of late, welcomed a boycott in a couple of urban areas — the film touches upon the 2013 Muzaffarnagar riots.

The Khamman Peer Baba Committee in Lucknow has issued a fatwa against the on-screen character and makers for harming their notions.

Sources near the film claim after Muzaffarnagar, Kandhla, Meerut and a couple of different spots, the film is confronting a boycott in prime urban areas like Lucknow and Kanpur. The creators are presently said to have drawn nearer UP Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav to encourage Shorgul’s discharge.

Not long ago, a PIL had been documented asking for a remain focused film’s discharge, affirming that it spreads public disharmony and censures political figures — Jimmy’s character, Ranjit Om, is said to be designed according to MLA Sangeet Som, a blamed in the mobs.

Presently, the Lucknow-based advisory group has taken offense to specific scenes and discoursed in the film which they feel may touch off disdain and, in the long run, savagery, in the state.

The fatwa notice, “We won’t permit the film to be screened in Uttar Pradesh or let Jimmy Sheirgill shoot in the state until the end of time.”

Jimmy, who is at present in Canada with his family, couldn’t be gone after a remark. Swatantra Vijay Singh, the film’s co-maker, affirms the story and says, “Yes we have gotten the fatwa, however our film is a true to life entertainment of different appalling occurrences that happened previously. Our film will unravel the humankind narrow mindedness condition in the most non-disputable way.”


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