How can you make sure your technology doesn’t impact on your health?

How can you make sure your technology doesn’t impact on your health?

healthcare technology
healthcare technology

Students, as with other professionals, will spend a lot of time in front of a computer. This can have a detrimental effect on an individual’s health. This article will highlight the dangers of long-term health and safety issues surrounding long-term information technology use by highlighting preventative steps that can help reduce impact and help improve computer use.

It has been documented that the long-term use of information technology systems has been directly linked to a range of serious health concerns – what has been termed Computing Related Disorders (CRDs). The UK and EU directives (90/270/EEC) heralded a new era of enforcement within the corporate and public sector IT environment. However, in the private homes and spaces, such adherence is sadly lacking. This article will highlight areas that students, who predominantly are young people and side effects can have longer-term implications, can understand and counter with the right preventative approach.

CRDs affect the upper limb area with back and visual issues being a central complaint from medical professionals. GotIt247 can help you find the right health and safety materials and equipment to help improve your long-term information technology use. Let us explore the details of this issue:


You need to make sure your desk, chair and floor space is equidistant in relation to your personal size specifications – this means that you should be sitting upright, arms forward and legs apart and pointing forward. This will improve sitting posture at a desk whilst using a computer system. However, there are other accessories that can help improve your comfort. An Ergonomic Keyboard can help to reduce CRDs (more specifically repetitive strain injuries). A gel wrist rest can help to further improve typing posture.


Long use or even overuse of computer equipment can lead to eyesight issues – the symptoms can range from headaches, blurred vision to dry eyes. There are ways of overcoming these issues. Use your student discount and head to the nearest optometrists – go annually for a test. You should also rest your eyes and take frequent breaks. You should also make sure your room has adequate lighting and you should make sure you avoid reflections placing the monitor away from windows. Furthermore, you should use high-quality high-resolution displays that reduce flicker and improve individual usage.

By using this guide, students can make sure they maximise they information technology output by improving basic computing health and safety and reducing the possibility of future CRD-related injury. Setup your student space with good lighting, well-fitting desks and chairs and make sure you have the best display equipment and the right keyboard support. These preventative steps can help you enjoy your computing endeavours and help reduce long-term downtime. Remember, if you want to buy preventative CDR equipment and peripherals why not get in contact with GotIt247 direct on 0845 299 3405 or visit us on our UK Online Computer Store direct to buy your equipment today.


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